Product specifications


Gerrit Rietveld




58,5 x 65 x 62 cm (WxDxH)


Solid beech


Crate chair

Gerrit Rietveld   |  1934



The Rietveld Crate Chair is available in any RAL color, please contact us to request a specific color.



Rietveld’s first piece of crate furniture dates back to 1934. He initially produced these pieces himself and later sold them both in finished form and as DIY packs. Rietveld made a point of producing affordable and comfortable furniture, and he achieved this by finding the right proportions and seat angle. In 1935, Metz & Co. brought a series of crate furniture piece on the market as “Weekend Furniture”. Later Cassina also produced a series of Rietveld crate furniture. The crate furniture was originally unvarnished. The indoor Crate Chair is available in several colors upon request.

Original crate chair by Rietveld. © Mid Mod Design –