Crate Collection (Rietveld Originals x HAY)

Designed by Gerrit Rietveld, relaunched by Rietveld Originals x HAY.

In 1934, architect Gerrit Rietveld designed a unique furniture series made from pinewood derived from packaging material used in furniture transport. In doing so, Rietveld hoped to make design affordable to the masses. 89 years after this first design, Rietveld Originals and HAY have joined forces for the worldwide production, marketing, and distribution of the Crate series. This series consists of a lounge chair, a dining chair, and two different side tables. In time, the series will be expanded with more furniture.

The Crate chair is a wonderful example of a piece of furniture designed by an architect in search of harmony between architecture and interior design. It was truly Rietveld's mission to develop a unique, affordable line of furniture for everyone. The crate furniture is cleverly designed and has beautiful proportions. The construction is visible, transparent, and honest, with nothing of the material used wasted. The principles used are still relevant today. By collaborating with HAY, Rietveld Originals makes its dream of mass production come true almost 90 years after Rietveld's idea.

Rietveld Originals produces the series from solid pine suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Crate furniture comes flat-pack and can be easily assembled by the consumer. The color of the furniture is based on a palette that Rietveld used more often in his homes. The crate series is available in black, white, iron red, and a gray shade called London fog and, of course, in lacquered natural pine.


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