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Sinds 2004

Rietveld Originals was founded by Gerrit's grandson Egbert Rietveld with the aim of bringing his grandfather's furniture designs to the attention of the public. The Rietveld Originals collection includes all furniture designs by Gerrit Rietveld currently in production. The collection includes furniture produced by us as an official licensee of the Dr. G. Th. Rietveld Copyright Foundation as well as designs published by Cassina, Gispen, and Tecta.

Rietveld Originals collectie

Since our foundation in 2004, we have brought more than 10 Rietveld designs to the market. The vast majority of the furniture is produced in the Netherlands at our sister company Dutch Gelderland Group in Culemborg.

Image: Steltman Chair


RSGA Design

Rietveld Originals is part of RSGA Design, which also includes Spectrum Design and furniture manufacturer Gelderland as independent companies. RSGA Design focuses on the further development of strong independent brands in design, each operating in its own market area. Synergy is realized in production, back office, and distribution, among other things. By joining forces, we are able to serve a diverse group of customers at home and abroad.

RSGA design

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