Product specifications


Gerrit Rietveld




39 x 48,5 x 90 cm (WxDxH)


Solid oak


Military chair

Gerrit Rietveld   |  1923



In 1923, Rietveld designed a furniture series for the Catholic Military Hostel in Utrecht. Used nuts and bolts for the first time instead of wooden dowels, he developed a series of very solid designs. The military furniture, which is characterized by the use of square cross ties, is produced in various colors, whereby the tops are always painted in a contrasting color.

Design brochure ‘Meubels om zelf te maken’ (military chair) 1943-1944. ¬© Rietveld Schr√∂derarchief / Centraal Museum Utrecht / Pictoright, Amsterdam

In addition to the Military chair, the Military stool and the Military table are also available. The Military series is available in various color combinations. The seats are made of oak veneered plywood that is painted whitewash, white, black or red. The frame whose ends are finished with a contrasting color is available in white, black or red or gray.