Product specifications


Gerrit Rietveld




40 x 40 x 155 cm (WxDxH) – height can be shortened to 55 cm


3 tube lamps of 60W, lamp holders made of wood, 6 plastic glass tubes


L40 pendant lamp (Tecta)

Gerrit Rietveld   |  1922

 975,00 incl. BTW



Rietveld designed the L40 pendant lamp in 1922. It was the inspiration for the early work of Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer before he focused on his world-famous tubular furniture, which in its turn was closely related to the work of Mart Stam. The L40 lamp was part of the design Rietveld made for the consultation room of the progressive doctor Arie Marinus Hartog from Maarssen. The design was simple and innovative, using the new tube lighting technology at the time.

The L40 pendant lamp in the Rietveld Schröderhuis. Photo: Stijn Poelstra © Rietveld Schröderarchief / Centraal Museum Utrecht / Pictoright, Amsterdam