Product specifications


Gerrit Rietveld




200 x 45 x 102 (WxDxH)




Elling buffet cabinet (Cassina)

Gerrit Rietveld   |  1919



The Elling buffet cabinet represents, together with the Red and Blue, the essence of the new spatial concept of neoplasticism. A key benchmark in the establishment of the Modern style, this sideboard, designed in 1919, was originally used in the model home designed by J.P Oud in Spangen, Rotterdam, and in various interior design projects, including the project forP.J Elling. The original model was destroyed in a fire and was only rebuilt under Rietvelds supervision in 1951 for his exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Image of buffet in interior Elling with woman looking up, 1923. © Rietveld Schröderarchief, Centraal Museum Utrecht / Pictoright, Amsterdam

Today, Cassina produces the Elling Buffetunit for the first time in its historic carpentry in Meda. The pure lines of the structure create a grid based on a structural core to which surfaces, drawers and storage units are added. The model is influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Anglo-Japanese art of E.W. Godwin.